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Sunday, August 17, 2003


Hey everyone! I just joined this community. I'm a sex addict (my boyfriend is rubbing my clit right now so to speak).

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Wednesday, June 4, 2003


Does anyone have a livejournal code? I am in despirate need of one! if you do please e-mail it to me or, comment and I will reply. Thanks for all your help and even if you aren't able to help out.

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

7:12AM - and still i get no...play :(


You Are an EXPERT in Bed

You know precisely what you’re doing when the sheets are pulled down and the panties go right along with them.

You’re also super confident, and rightly so.

Because any man who may be fortunate enough to find himself between your legs is a happy man, indeed.

You’re the type of woman men brag about in locker rooms: knowledgeable, adorable, and lickable.

You’ve gotten to the point that you don’t even have to try so hard.

It all just comes naturally: the mouth, the hips, everything underneath.

One lovely little package.

Are *You* Good In Bed?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

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Saturday, March 8, 2003

11:20AM - eroticadventure

I have another community that has everything to do with sex. Anything you can think of to do with sex, you can post in this community. eroticadventure Come check it out, the communities a bit slow right now, but with some good posting members, it'll pick right up

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003


does anyone know how to post pictures in your LJ post!!? If so please tell me I am in need of help!

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Saturday, February 22, 2003


night has fallen, and my eyes are heavy with sexual frustration. i lay on my bed and fully relax my body, a few thoughts run through my head. what it would feel like to have you licking every inch of me, what it would feel like to have you touch every inch of my skin, what it would feel like to have you inside me pushing deeper breathing heavy?
my fingers slip inside my panties, and caress the mound of flesh between my legs, i slide my fingers between my pussy lips, and push them apart a bit and run my fingers over my clit down to my wet hole. i insert two fingers and think of your hard cock gently pushing inside me, i pull my fingers out and rub my juice back up towards my clit, thinking its your dick, and my fingers slide back down with ease. letting my fingers ease in and out i become more wet, and can feel my pussy tightening and relaxing against my fingers. i bring in my other hand and rub my fingers across my clit, thinking of you fucking my pussy rubbing your fingers over my clit, arousing myself more and more. my fingers becoming more and more wet. i bite my lip thinking of you running your hand up my leg and grabbing my ass, pulling me harder into your cock as you thrust forward. thinking of you sucking on my nipples flicking your tongue across them as you gently hold them in your teeth. you biting my neck and sucking as you fuck me roughly. of me riding you letting your cock fill me tossing my head back as you slip your thumb between my pussy lips to rub my clit. as you push deeper into during doggi. i rub my clit and finger myself faster, wanting to cum for you. i think of my fingernails digging into your back, and moaning your name telling you to fuck me harder, and a slight moan escapes my mouth as i feel myself heightening. i think of you slapping my ass and burrying your dick deep into my pussy and biting at the back of my neck. i rub faster and harder and finger myself faster my arms and legs and pussy tighten. euphoria surges through my body, my clit tingles my pussy contracts and i let out a soft long moan as i climax, my fingers covered in my own juice. i relax, hoping next time you can be there to watch or maybe help out.

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Monday, February 3, 2003


i havent so much as seen a real dick in 3 months
right now i just want to have tons of promiscuous sex, but im trying to be good

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Friday, January 31, 2003

5:11PM - howdy...

hello all, i'm new and this is my first entry here at this perfectly named community! ha!

basically...i love sex and i'm very hungry for it!


Current mood: drunk

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Sunday, January 26, 2003


I continue to walk around with the everlasting hard on I can't get rid of....but today, finally, it payed off. The fabric of my jeans was being streched by my rigidly stiff cock as I walked past her. She looked back at me and smirked, her eyes wandering down from my face to my crotch; it was obvious she could see the outline of my prick against my pants. I was in disbelief, however, I was also probably the most turned on I had been in my life. I was about ready to turn around when I felt the soft touch of a womans hand on my arm. It was soft, like a hand that had never done any sort of labor at all, but heat radiated off of the touch and I could do nothing but follow my cock which was following her...so I followed her. She walked ahead of me and I watched her pert ass cheeks hynotise me as they moved in her short skirt.
She tugged on me arm gently and looked back once again biting her lip and raising her eyebrows smiling naughtily at me. I almost came in my pants right there. The promise of sex in her eyes made want to fuck her right there, enter her pussy and fuck her till she came all over my dick. I imagine she was feeling the same because she pulled me behind a corner and into an alley where she pressed her body against me, kissing me passionately her tounge penetrating my lips. Her tits heaving up and down, I could feel her nipples poking through the soft fabric of her the baby t-shirt she wore. My cock grinded against her skirt covered snatch and I could tell that she wanted more because she pressed hard against me, trying to feel all of my dick on her through her skirt. Our kiss filled was filled with lust and animal sexual tension, she broke it as she grabbed my cock through my pants as it had been rubbing against her pussy. My jeans were now wet from her....I smiled eventhough I didn't even know the name of the girl I was about to fuck. It was my turn to take control now I swung her around, her face now towards the wall. She whimpered sexily as I moved in towards her, my lips kissing and sucking on her neck. I could feel her sopping wet fuckhole through her skirt and I couldn't take it anymore. I gritted my teeth and told her I was gonna fuck her till she came hard. "Oh god fuck my pussy please...." was all she said before I flipped the bottom of her skirt up of her hips and pulled her light blue thong to the side. My hands wandered up her side and fondled her tits and nipples through her shirt as I now rubbed my hard prick on her panties which were now dripping with her fluilds. "Fuck me NOW," she pleaded as I let my 7 inch thick cock plop out of my jeans. "Aww shit girl," is all I could say as my cock head entered her pussy slowly. She threw her head and stuck her ass out, trying to get move of me in her, but I still kept going in slowly, teasing her with my meat. I slapped her ass gently as my dick pushed all the way into the hilt, as breath of released tension escaped her cock sucking lips. She started to move back and forth on my shaft tightening her cunt muscles around my dick grunting as her tits bounced up and down in her shirt. My hand reached out to grab her hair softly as I kissed and bit her neck softly. As we picked up speed my dick sliding deeped and deeper into her cunt. Her juices were sliding down her thighs making my balls wet. Our passions intertwined and fucking harder and faster my orgasm unavoidable now and hers on the brink I grabbed onto her hips and fucked as fast as hard as I could letting go all of my sexual fustration of the past weeks into her tight little twat. She yelled and screamed in orgasm as her muscles contracted on my hard cock milking it into cumming in her warm pussy. My jizz leaked out of her pussy as our breathing slowed.

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Friday, January 24, 2003

4:36PM - let it be known

i,coldcell, here by decree that no one should ever have to be sex depraived again.......

im sick of not getting nookie.......

i may have lost my desire to touch a mans booty.......

what the hells wrong with me?!


Current mood: bitchy

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Sunday, January 19, 2003


ok let it be known that i need lovin too!!!!!

lots of long, kinky, hot lovin..... any takers :P

that is all

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Monday, January 6, 2003

12:50PM - Explosion

I've been a member of this community for awhile, so I figured it was time I would post. If I don't get some ass soon I'm going to start having spontaneous orgasms and eventually explode. That is all.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

12:22AM - how to get thrown out of a cyber cafe

wow. a group of people just like me. i hope i am well accepted into their ranks.
i go to school about 2 hours from where the girl i've promised to marry lives, so that leaves me pretty sexually frustrated 5 out of 7 days. maybe 4. anyway, in my sexually frustrated boredom i stumbled upon Mandy's cyber blowjob and immediatly had to masterbate. my next action item was to join the group. next was something about cornflower blue. i forgot.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

5:40AM - complicated.or is it?

I feel that, if I dont get some soon....... I may begin to snap people's necks...

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Thursday, November 21, 2002


i need some nookie any takers?

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

5:53PM - help

how do i get a crazy nut job to stop trying to "get with" me. i got a g/f i am "very happy with". and this chick that is bipolor kepps coming after me

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Monday, November 4, 2002


i have an incredible fantasy about a thin white cotton t shirt and rough man hands.

that is all.

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Sunday, November 3, 2002

6:44AM - rawr

im sex starved.
and i am new.
go figure.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002

2:57PM - dicks and names have been left out to protect the innocent!

just thought id share a bit of my cyber bj skills since no one else seems to think they can post here
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thats all you need to know for now thanks!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2002

12:39PM - suckin my carmel apple sucker mmmmm....

here are a few love/lust poems:

Insatiable Lust
i see you standing there looking back at me,
and you love flows through the space between,
the insatiable want of carnal lust,
tension mounts,
sparks fly,
you look me straight in the eyes,
say your hello,
then pass me by.
left standing there with this fire i cant quench,
have you forgotten your quest,
to conquer this land,
unknown to your hands,
all else falls to my feet,
and all i want is your breath and mine to meet,
i whisper to you,
and you shake it off,
but if i got you in my bed,
passion and ecstasy wouldnt be enough.
all this trapped in the abyss of my soul,
i wish these hands would stop ticking,
to let us meet,
as we did so many times in my dreams,
to finsih what was left undone,
and say what was unsaid,
to bring life into this soul,
that has been dead
By: AKE '02

Only in Dreams
dancing about the stars in the sky,
sighing a breath upon your sweet lips,
that move in for a burning kiss.
it tastes so sweet inside my skin,
and the touch of your hands is like heaven.
inside you arms the warmth of a thousand fires.
wanting my soul to be inside yours,
never missing a touch.
i would fit, and shape myself into that crook
in your heart.
spread across the land my body feels your fingertips.
dancing across my face, and like wind blowing
through my hair.
sighing words into your ears,
your hands soft against my neck,
eyes gazing longingly into mine.
heated passion,
lingering on the edge of desire.
falling asleep in your arms,
not wanting to wake.
smelling your body,
so near to me,
like a summer breeze passing through.
i take in a deep breath of sunshine
and open my eyes
By: AKE '02

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